140° Infrared Motion Detector IP44
Model 064875 manufactured by Legrand
140° Infrared Motion Detector IP44
Zigbee ID: "Remote motion sensor"
Confirmed working with

Some Legrand devices work only on Zigbee channel 11. With certain devices you need the Legrand Hub to update the firmware to have all features available.

Pairing Instructions
  • You must have access to the reset button on the device
  • Make sure that the gateway is not in pairing mode
  • Press 8s (approximately) on the reset button of the device (until it turns red) to ensure its disconnected from the network
  • Now switch your gateway to pairing Mode
  • Press the reset button 8s (approximately) to start the pairing procedure
  • Make successive clicks on the reset button (every second), until the LED turns green

    Detailed pairing instructions and additional information on pipiche38 wiki.