How to set up deCONZ.


AiDot Linkind ZL00030014 AiDot Linkind 4.8W GU10 Bulb Dimmable & Tunable ZL00030014
AiDot Linkind ZL1000100-CCT-US-V1A02 AiDot Linkind 9W A19 Bulb, Dimmable & Tunable ZL1000100-CCT-US-V1A02
Aqara ZNLDP12LM Aqara Led Bulb (Tunable White) ZNLDP12LM
Benexmart TS0502A Benexmart ST64 E27 Dual Color Filament Bulb TS0502A
Gledopto GL-B-001Z Gledopto 4W Dual White And Color Candle Bulb GL-B-001Z
IKEA LED1649C5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E12 400 lumen, wireless dimmable warm white, chandelier opal LED1649C5
IKEA LED1935C3 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 250 lumen WW clear , dimmable LED1935C3
IKEA LED1536G5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 400 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, opal white LED1536G5
IKEA LED2002G5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 470 lumen, dimmable, white LED2002G5
IKEA LED1835C6 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 470 lumen, warm dimming, chandelier opal white LED1835C6
IKEA LED1949C5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 470 lumen, wireless dimmable white spectrum/chandelier opal white LED1949C5
IKEA LED1733G7 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E14 600 lumen, dimmable white spectrum opal white LED1733G7
IKEA LED1622G12 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E26 1000 lumen, dimmable warm white globe opal white LED1622G12
IKEA LED1623G12 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E27 1000 lumen, dimmable warm white globe opal white LED1623G12
IKEA LED1732G11 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E27 1000 lumen, dimmable white spectrum opal white LED1732G11
IKEA LED2003G10 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E27 1055 lumen, dimmable, white spectrum, opal white LED2003G10
IKEA LED1934G3 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E27 250lm, dimmable warm white/globe clear LED1934G3
IKEA LED1836G9 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb E27 806 lumen, dimmable, warm white LED1836G9
IKEA LED1650R5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, dimmable warm white LED1650R5
IKEA LED1537R6 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb GU10 400lm, dimmable white spectrum LED1537R6
IKEA LED1739R5 IKEA Tradfri LED bulb GU10 400lm, dimmable white spectrum LED1739R5
IKEA LED1837R5 IKEA Trådfri LED bulb GU10 400 lumen, dimmable LED1837R5
Innr RB 250 C Innr Candle Colour Bulb E14 RB 250 C
Innr RB 248 T Innr Candle Comfort Bulb E14 RB 248 T
Innr RB 245 Innr Candle White E14 Bulb RB 245
Innr RB 265 Innr Dimmable White Bulb E27 RB 265
Innr RS 226 Innr Dimmable White Spot Single Lens GU10 Bulb RS 226
Innr RF 263 Innr Filament Bulb Vintage E27 RF 263
Innr RF 264 Innr Filament Bulb Vintage Edison E27 RF 264
Innr RF 261 Innr Filament Bulb Vintage Globe E27 RF 261
Innr RB 285 C Innr RGBW Bulb Colour E27 RB 285 C
Innr RS 230 C Innr Smart Spot Colour GU10 Bulb RS 230 C
Innr RB 278 T Innr Tunable White E27 Bulb RB 278 T
Innr RS 229 T Innr Tunable White Spot Single Lens GU10 Bulb RS 229 T
Ledvance 4058075208384 Ledvance SMART+ Classic Tunable White A60 9W E27 4058075208384
Ledvance 4058075729001 Ledvance Smart+ Classic Tunable White A60 9W E27 4058075729001
Ledvance 4058075208445 Ledvance Smart+ Spot GU10 Multicolor PAR16 4.9W 120° 4058075208445
Ledvance 4058075168572 Ledvance Smart+ Tibea Tunable White Lamp 22W E27 4058075168572
Lidl HG06106B Lidl Livarno Lux E14 4,5W RGB Bulb HG06106B
Lidl HG07834B Lidl Livarno Lux E14 4,5W RGB Bulb HG07834B
Lidl HG06492B Lidl Livarno Lux E14 5,5W CCT Bulb HG06492B
Lidl HG06106C Lidl Livarno Lux E27 6,5W RGB Bulb HG06106C
Lidl HG08131C Lidl Livarno Lux E27 9,5W RGB Bulb HG08131C
Lidl HG06492C Lidl Livarno Lux E27 9W CCT Bulb HG06492C
Lidl HG07834C Lidl Livarno Lux E27 9W RGB Bulb HG07834C
Lidl HG06492A Lidl Livarno Lux GU10 5W CCT Bulb HG06492A
Lidl HG06106A Lidl Livarno Lux GU10 9W RGB Bulb HG06106A
Lidl HG07834A Lidl Livarno Lux GU10 9W RGB Bulb HG07834A
Müller Licht 404004 Müller Licht Tint A60 806lm E27 CCT Bulb 404004
Müller Licht 404000 Müller Licht Tint A60 806lm E27 RGBCCT Bulb 404000
Müller Licht 404001 Müller Licht Tint A60 806lm E27 WW Bulb 404001
Müller Licht 404008 Müller Licht Tint C35 470lm E14 CCT Bulb 404008
Müller Licht 404019 Müller Licht Tint C35 470lm E14 RGBCCT Bulb 404019
Müller Licht 404065 Müller Licht tint LED Globe Retro Gold XXL E27 404065
Müller Licht 404006 Müller Licht Tint Reflektor 350lm GU10 CCT Bulb 404006
Müller Licht 404005 Müller Licht Tint Reflektor 350lm GU10 RGBCCT Bulb 404005
Müller Licht 404023 Müller Licht Tint Retro 470lm E27 WW Bulb 404023
OSRAM OSR 5816510 OSRAM Smart+ Classic E27 Dimmable OSR 5816510
OSRAM 4058075816534 OSRAM Smart+ Classic E27 Tunable White 4058075816534
OSRAM AB35996 OSRAM Smart+ Spot GU10 Multicolor AB35996
OSRAM AC08559 OSRAM Smart+ Spot GU10 Multicolor AC08559
Philips LWB004 Philips Hue Lux Extension 9W Dimmable A19 White Bulb LWB004
Philips LWB014 Philips Hue White A19 E26 LWB014
Philips LWB006 Philips Hue White A60 E27 LWB006
Philips LWA001 Philips Hue White Ambiance A60 E27 Bluetooth LWA001
Philips LTW011 Philips Hue White Ambiance BR30 680lm WW Bulb LTW011
Philips LTE002 Philips Hue White Ambiance E14 w/ BT LTE002
Philips LTV002 Philips Hue White Ambiance E27 ST64 Filament Bulb LTV002
Philips LTG002 Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 w/ BT LTG002
Philips LCT015 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 E26 LCT015
Philips LCB001 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance BR30 Bluetooth LCB001
Philips LCT024 Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Play Light Bar LCT024
Philips LCT002 Philips Hue White and Color BR30 (1st Gen) LCT002
Philips LWE002 Philips Hue White E14 with Bluetooth LWE002
Philips LTA001 Philips Hue White E27 with Bluetooth LTA001
Philips LWA004 Philips Hue White Filament Bulb A60 E27 Bluetooth LWA004
Philips LWO001 Philips Hue White Filament Bulb G93 E27 w/ BT LWO001
Philips LWV001 Philips Hue White Filament Bulb ST64 E27 LWV001
Sengled Z01-A19NAE26 Sengled Element Plus A19 Bulb Z01-A19NAE26
Sengled E13-N11 Sengled Motion Sensor PAR38 Bulb E13-N11
Sengled E21-N1EA Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Bulb E21-N1EA
Sengled E11-G13 Sengled Soft White A19 Bulb E11-G13
Sengled E12-N1E Sengled Soft White BR30 Bulb E12-N1E
Shyne A-371889 Shyne E27, amber, tunable white, ST64, 7W, 806lm Bulb A-371889
Sylvania 73739 Sylvania Smart+ Adjustable White BR30 Bulb 73739
Sylvania 74282 Sylvania Smart+ Adjustable White MR16 Bulb 74282
Sylvania 73693 Sylvania Smart+ Full Color A19 Bulb 73693


dresden elektronik BN-600107 dresden elektronik ConBee II Zigbee USB Gateway BN-600107
dresden elektronik BN-600090 dresden elektronik ConBee Zigbee USB Gateway BN-600090
dresden elektronik BN-600108 dresden elektronik RaspBee II Raspberry Pi Zigbee Gateway BN-600108
dresden elektronik BN-600052 dresden elektronik RaspBee Raspberry Pi Zigbee Gateway BN-600052


Aqara ZNCLBL01LM Aqara Curtain Driver E1 ZNCLBL01LM
Aqara ZNCLDJ11LM Aqara Curtain Motor ZNCLDJ11LM
Aqara ZNCLDJ12LM Aqara Curtain Motor B1 ZNCLDJ12LM
Aqara SRSC-M01 Aqara Roller Shade Controller SRSC-M01
Aqara ZNJLBL01LM Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 ZNJLBL01LM
AXIS GR-ZB01-W AXIS Gear Window Shades Retrofit Motor GR-ZB01-W
BTicino L/N/NT4027C BTicino Rolling Shutter Switch L/N/NT4027C
Current Products Corp AM25 Current Products Corp Gen. 2 Hybrid E-Wand Single Unit AM25
Home2Link H2L-ZBPH-RS Home2Link Hue Curtain Motor controller H2L-ZBPH-RS
IKEA E1757 IKEA Fyrtur Blackout Roller Blind E1757
IKEA E1926 IKEA Kadrilj Roller Blind E1926
IKEA E2103 IKEA Tredansen Black-out Roller Blind E2103
Iluminize 5128.1 Iluminize Curtain Controller 5128.1
Insta 57008000 Insta Nexentro Blinds Actuator Mini 57008000
Larkkey ZSTY-SM-1SRZG-EU Larkkey Curtain Switch ZSTY-SM-1SRZG-EU
Lawson DT82LE Lawson DC Curtain Motor DT82LE
Legrand 067776 Legrand Céliane Wired Roller Shutter Switch - titanium 067776
Legrand 067726 Legrand Céliane Wired Roller Shutter Switch - white 067726
Lonsonho QS-Zigbee-C01 Lonsonho Curtain/Blind Motor Controller Module QS-Zigbee-C01
Moes AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB Moes Motorized Roller Blinds/Shades Drive Motor AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB
Nous L12Z Nous Smart ZigBee Curtain Module L12Z
Orvibo W40CZ Orvibo Smart Curtain Motor W40CZ
ROBB ROB_200-010-0 ROBB Curtain Motor Controller ROB_200-010-0
Schneider Electric MEG5165-0000 Schneider Electric Merten PlusLink Shutter Insert MEG5165-0000
Schneider Electric S520567 Schneider Electric Wiser Odace Roller Blind Switch S520567
Schneider Electric MEG5113-0300 Schneider Electric Wiser System M Push-button Module 1-Gang MEG5113-0300
Sunricher SR-ZG9080A Sunricher Curtain Motor Controller SR-ZG9080A
Tuya AM43 Tuya Chain Roller Shades Driver AM43
Tuya DS82 Tuya Curtain Motor DS82
Tuya TS130F Tuya Curtain Switch TS130F
Tuya M515EGZT Tuya Pull Bead Curtain Motor M515EGZT
Ubisys J1 Ubisys Shutter Control J1
Ubisys J1-R Ubisys Shutter Control DIN Mount J1-R
Vimar 14594/16494/19594/20594 Vimar Rolling Shutter IoT Connected Mechanism 14594/16494/19594/20594
Xenon SM-SW101-CZ Xenon Curtain Switch EU/US SM-SW101-CZ
yooksmart D10110 yooksmart Window Treatment D10110
Yushun YS-MT750 Yushun Curtain Motor YS-MT750
Zemismart M515EGB Zemismart Chain Roller Shades Driver M515EGB
Zemismart ZM-CSW002-D Zemismart Curtain Switch ZM-CSW002-D
Zemismart ZW-EU-4C Zemismart Inline Curtain Switch ZW-EU-4C
Zemismart AM15 Zemismart Rechargeable Battery Roller Shade Motor AM15
Zemismart ZM25TQ Zemismart Tubular Motor for Roller Shades ZM25TQ
Zemismart AM02 Zemismart Zigbee Dongle For AM15 Motor AM02


3A Nue HGZB-02A 3A Nue Smart Light Dimmer HGZB-02A
dresden elektronik BN-600078 dresden elektronik FLS-A lp Wireless Ballast 1-10V/PWM BN-600078
dresden elektronik BN-600110 dresden elektronik Phoscon Kobold Smart Dimmer Switch BN-600110
Eardatek EDM-1ZBA-EU Eardatek Rotary Dimmer Switch EU EDM-1ZBA-EU
Eardatek EDM-1ZAA-EU Eardatek Touch Dimmer Switch EU EDM-1ZAA-EU
Eardatek EDM-1ZBB-EU Eardatek Touch Dimmer Switch EU EDM-1ZBB-EU
EcoDim ECO-DIM.07 EcoDim Rotary Dimmer ECO-DIM.07
Enbrighten 43080 Enbrighten In-Wall Dimmer 43080
GE 45857GE GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer 45857GE
iCasa ICZB-IW11D iCasa AC Dimmer ICZB-IW11D
idinio 49344 idinio LED Rotary Dimmer 49344
Iluminize 511.201 Iluminize High Voltage 230V Dimmer Module 511.201
iolloi ID-EU20FW09 iolloi LED Dimmer 5-200 W 230V ID-EU20FW09
iolloi ID-UK21FW09 iolloi Rotary LED Trailing-Edge 250W No Neutral Dimmer ID-UK21FW09
Larkkey ZSTY-SM-1DMZG-EU Larkkey Dimmer Switch ZSTY-SM-1DMZG-EU
LED Trading 9106 LED Trading Build In AC Phase Cut Dimmer 9106
Legrand 067771 Legrand Céliane Wired Switch No Neutral - titanium 067771
Mercator Ikuü SSWM-DIMZ Mercator Ikuü Switch Mechanism SSWM-DIMZ
Micro-Matic 1477777 Micro-Matic Dimmer MicroDim ZB250 LED 1477777
Moes MS-105Z Moes 1 Gang Zigbee Dimmer Module MS-105Z
Moes MS-105B Moes 2 Gang Zigbee Dimmer Module MS-105B
Namron 4512700 Namron Dimmer 400W 4512700
Nordtronic 98425031 Nordtronic Box Dimmer 2.0 98425031
Orvibo T10D1ZW-1UO Orvibo Smart Dimmer Switch - US T10D1ZW-1UO
ROBB ROB_200-011-0 ROBB 2-Wire Dimmer ROB_200-011-0
ROBB ROB_200-018-0 ROBB Rotary Dimmer ROB_200-018-0
Samotech SM323v2 Samotech 2-Way Led Dimmer Switch Module SM323v2
Samotech SM314 Samotech Dimmer Module 250W (No Neutral) SM314
Samotech SM309 Samotech Dimmer Switch SM309
Samotech SM323 Samotech LED Dimmer Retrofit Module SM323
Samotech SM311 Samotech Rotary Dimmer SM311
Schneider Electric 545D6102 Schneider Electric LK FUGA Wiser Wireless Dimmer 545D6102
Schneider Electric NH3516 Schneider Electric Wiser Universal Rotary Dimmer NH3516
Shenzhen Homa HLC610-Z Shenzhen Homa Wireless Dimmable Controller HLC610-Z
SMaBiT AV2010/16 SMaBiT Dimmer Relay Switch 2,5A AV2010/16
Sunricher SR-ZG9101SAC-HP Sunricher AC Phase-Cut Dimmer SR-ZG9101SAC-HP
Sunricher SR-ZG9040A Sunricher Micro Smart Dimmer SR-ZG9040A
Zemismart ZW-ED-01 Zemismart Dimmer Module ZW-ED-01


Acova 5007 Acova Alcantara 2 Electric Radiator 5007
Aqara SRTS-A01 Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 SRTS-A01
Avatto TRV06 Avatto Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller TRV06
Beca BHT-6000 Beca Thermostat for Water/Gas Boiler BHT-6000
Beca BRT-100 Beca Thermostatic Radiator Valve BRT-100
Beok TGR85-ZB Beok Under Floor Heating Thermostat TGR85-ZB
Bosch BTH-RA Bosch Radiator Thermostat II BTH-RA
CASA.ia CAC-201 CASA.ia AC Controler CAC-201
Centralite 3000-G Centralite 3-Series Pearl Thermostat 3000-G
Danfoss 014G2461 Danfoss Ally Radiator Thermostat 014G2461
Danfoss 088U1141 Danfoss Icon Master Controller 088U1141
eCozy 1TST-EU eCozy Smart Heating Thermostat 1TST-EU
ELKO 4523430 ELKO ESH Plus Super TR RF PH Thermostat 4523430
essentials 120112 essentials Smart Home Heizkörperthermostat Premium 120112
Eurotronic SPZB0001 Eurotronic Spirit Zigbee Radiator Thermostat SPZB0001
Hama 00176592 Hama Smart Radiator Thermostat 00176592
Haozee TRV601 Haozee Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller TRV601
HiHome WZB-TRVL HiHome Smart Radiator Thermostat WZB-TRVL
Hive SLR2 Hive Heating Thermostat Dual Channel Receiver SLR2
Hive SLT2 Hive Heating Thermostat Remote Control SLT2
Hive UK7004240 Hive Radiator Valve UK7004240
Hive SLR1b Hive Single Channel Receiver SLR1b
Hysen HY368 Hysen Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller HY368
Hysen HY369-ZB Hysen Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller HY369-ZB
IKEA E2007 IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier E2007
IKEA E2006 IKEA Starkvind Air Purifier Table E2006
Keen Home SV01 Keen Home Smart Vent SV01
Keen Home SV02 Keen Home Smart Vent SV02
Moes BHT-002 Moes Thermostat for Water/Gas Boiler BHT-002
Namron 5401395 Namron Panel Heater 1000W White 5401395
Namron 5401392 Namron Panel Heater 400W White 5401392
Namron 5401393 Namron Panel Heater 600W White 5401393
Namron 5401394 Namron Panel Heater 800W White 5401394
Namron 4512723 Namron Smart Thermostat 4512723
Namron 4512738 Namron Touch Termostat 16A Black 4512738
Namron 4512737 Namron Touch Termostat 16A White 4512737
Ouellet OTH4000-ZB Ouellet OTH4000-ZB OTH4000-ZB
OWON PCT502 OWON Combi Boiler EU Smart Thermostat PCT502
OWON AC201 OWON Split A/C Controller AC201
Popp 701721 Popp Radiator Thermostat 701721
Revolt NX-4911 Revolt Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller NX-4911
ROBB ROB_200-040-0 ROBB Wall Thermostat ROB_200-040-0
Saswell SEA801-Zigbee Saswell eTRV+ Radiator Valve SEA801-Zigbee
Saswell SEA802-Zigbee Saswell eTRV+ Radiator Valve SEA802-Zigbee
Schneider Electric CCTFR6100 Schneider Electric Drayton Wiser Radiator Thermostat CCTFR6100
SETTI+ TRV001 SETTI+ Smart Radiator Thermostat TRV001
Shojzj 378RT Shojzj Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller 378RT
Sinope TH1300ZB Sinope Smart Floor Heating Thermostat 3600 W TH1300ZB
Sinope TH1123ZB Sinope Smart thermostat for electric heating 3000 W / 4000 W TH1123ZB
Sinope TH1124ZB Sinope Smart thermostat for electric heating 3000 W / 4000 W TH1124ZB
Siterwell GS361A-H04 Siterwell Radiator Valve with Thermostat GS361A-H04
SMaBiT AV2010/32 SMaBiT Wall Thermostat AV2010/32
Stelpro ST218 Stelpro Built-In Electronic Thermostat ST218
Stelpro STZB402 Stelpro KI Electronic Thermostat STZB402
Stelpro SMT402AD Stelpro Maestro Smart Thermostat SMT402AD
Stelpro ST218 Stelpro Orléans High-end Fan Heater ST218
TRX ZB-RT1 TRX eTRV+ Radiator Valve ZB-RT1
Tuya HY366 Tuya Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller HY366
Tuya HY367 Tuya Thermostatic Radiator Valve Controller HY367
Zen Zen-01-W Zen Thermostat Zen-01-W


3A Nue HGZB-07A 3A Nue 12W RGBW Downlight HGZB-07A
3A Nue 3A12S-15 3A Nue RGBW LED Strip Controller 3A12S-15
AiDot Linkind ZL13100314 AiDot Linkind Ceiling Light 28W 3000lm Ø40CM CCT ZL13100314
Aqara LGYCDD01LM Aqara LED Strip T1 LGYCDD01LM
eWeLight ZYZB010 eWeLight Light Module DIY ZYZB010
eWeLink ZYZB011-MINI eWeLink Telink TLSR8258 ZigBee 3.0 Switch MINI Switch Module ZYZB011-MINI
Gledopto GL-S-006P Gledopto 5W GU10 RGBCCT 30° Pro GL-S-006P
Gledopto GL-C-009 Gledopto LED Dimmer GL-C-009
Gledopto GL-C-008S Gledopto RGB+CCT LED Controller Pro GL-C-008S
Gledopto GL-C-007 Gledopto RGBW LED Controller GL-C-007
Gledopto GL-C-001MC Gledopto USB Mini LED controller RGB+CCT GL-C-001MC
Gledopto GL-C-006 Gledopto WW/CW LED Controller GL-C-006
IKEA L1528 IKEA Floalt LED Light Panel 30x90 cm L1528
IKEA T1828 IKEA Gunnarp LED Ceiling / Wall Lamp 40cm T1828
IKEA T1829 IKEA Gunnarp LED ceiling/wall lamp, white dimmable, white spectrum, 40x40 cm T1829
IKEA T1820 IKEA Leptiter LED recessed spotlight, dimmable, white spectrum T1820
IKEA ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-1 IKEA Tradfri LED Driver for Wireless Control 10 W ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-1
IKEA ICPSHC24-10NA-IL-1 IKEA Tradfri LED Driver for Wireless Control 10 W ICPSHC24-10NA-IL-1
IKEA ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-1 IKEA Tradfri LED Driver for Wireless Control 30 W ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-1
IKEA ICPSHC24-10NA-IL-1 IKEA Tradfri LED Driver for Wireless Control 30 W ICPSHC24-10NA-IL-1
Iluminize 511.012 Iluminize Zigbee LED Controller 1x8A 511.012
Iluminize 5112.8 Iluminize Zigbee LED Controller 1x8A 5112.8
Innr OFL 142 C Innr Outdoor Flex Light 4m Colour OFL 142 C
Innr PL 115 Innr Puck Light White PL 115
Innr PL 110 Innr Puck Light White Extension Pack PL 110
Innr RSL 115 Innr Recessed Spot Light RSL 115
Innr RCL 110 Innr Round Ceiling Lamp White RCL 110
Innr UC 110 Innr Under Cabinet Light UC 110
Ledvance 4058075208339 Ledvance Smart+ Flex RGBW Flexible LED Strip 4058075208339
Ledvance 4058075208353 Ledvance Smart+ Garden Pole Multicolor Mini RGB+W 4058075208353
Ledvance 4058075208360 Ledvance Smart+ Outdoor Flex RGBW 4058075208360
Lidl 14153905L Lidl Livarno Home LED Floor Lamp 14153905L
Lidl 14148906L Lidl Livarno Lux Battery Mood Light RGBCCT 14148906L
Lidl 14147206L Lidl Livarno Lux Ceiling Light CCT 14147206L
Lidl HG06104A Lidl Livarno Lux LED Strip 22W 2m HG06104A
Lidl 14149506L Lidl Livarno Lux Light Bar RGBCCT Black 14149506L
Lidl 14149505L Lidl Livarno Lux Light Bar RGBCCT White 14149505L
Lidl HG06467 Lidl Melinera LED String Lights HG06467
Mercator Ikuu SMI7040 Mercator Ikuu Ford 40W Batten Light SMI7040
Müller Licht 404028 Müller Licht Tint LED Panel, color, opal white 404028
OSRAM 4058075047853 OSRAM Smart+ Gardenpole Mini RGBW 4058075047853
OSRAM 4058075036185 OSRAM Smart+ Outdoor Flex RGBW 4058075036185
Paulmann 500.48 Paulmann YourLED Dimming and Switching Controller 60W 500.48
Philips LTC021 Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Ceiling Light LTC021
Philips LTW017 Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror Light LTW017
Philips 3418231P6 Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror Light Adore 3418231P6
Philips 3402931P7 Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror Light Grande 3402931P7
Philips 3402831P7 Philips Hue Adore Bathroom Mirror Light Pequeño 3402831P7
Philips LTC016 Philips Hue Aurelle Round Panel Light LTC016
Philips 32610/30/P7 Philips Hue Being Ceiling Light US (White) 32610/30/P7
Philips LLC011 Philips Hue Bloom Living Colors Starter Pack LLC011
Philips 5060831P7 Philips Hue Centris 3-Spot Cross Ceiling Light (White) 5060831P7
Philips 915005997701 Philips Hue Devere Large Ceiling Lamp 915005997701
Philips 4090330P9 Philips Hue Ensis Pendant Light (Black) 4090330P9
Philips 5063431P7 Philips Hue Fugato Quadruple Spotlight (White) 5063431P7
Philips LCT026 Philips Hue Go Bluetooth Portable Light LCT026
Philips LLC020 Philips Hue Go Portable Light LLC020
Philips 1743030P7 Philips Hue Impress Outdoor Wall Light RGBCCT 1743030P7
Philips LLC010 Philips Hue Iris Table Lamp LLC010
Philips 1741530P7 Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spot Light 1741530P7
Philips 1742830P7 Philips Hue Lily Outdoor Spot Light 1742830P7
Philips LCU001 Philips Hue Lustre E14 bulb LCU001
Phoscon Hive Phoscon Portable Ambient Light Hive
Sengled E1G-G8E Sengled Multicolor Light Strip 2M E1G-G8E
Shenzhen Homa HLC821-Z Shenzhen Homa Triac Controller (Trailing Edge) HLC821-Z
Sylvania 72569 Sylvania Smart+ Adjustable White Edge-Lit Under Cabinet Light 72569
Sylvania 73741 Sylvania Smart+ Full Color RT 5/6 Recessed Lighting Kit 73741
Tuya TS0502A Tuya CCT LED Controller TS0502A
Tuya TS0503B Tuya LED Strip Controller DC5-24v RGB TS0503B
Tuya TS0501B Tuya Single Color LED Controller TS0501B
Ubisys LD6 Ubisys Lighting Driver LD6
Ysrsai YSR-MINI-01 Ysrsai RGBCCT Mini LED Controller YSR-MINI-01
Zemismart ZM-DL-01 Zemismart 12W RGBW Downlight ZM-DL-01


Danalock V3-BTZB Danalock V3 Smart Lock V3-BTZB
Danalock V3-BTZBE Danalock V3 Smart Lock V3-BTZBE
Datek 0402946 Datek ID Lock 150 Zigbee Module 0402946
EasyAccess EasyCodeTouch V1 EasyAccess Zigbee Module for EasyAccess Code Touch Door Locks EasyCodeTouch V1
Heimgard HC-SLM-1 Heimgard Door lock Module HC-SLM-1
Kwikset 914C Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit 914C
Kwikset 914TRL Kwikset SmartCode Traditional Electronic Deadbolt 914TRL
Schlage BE468 Schlage Connected Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock BE468
Yale YRD246 Yale Assure Lock Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD246
Yale YRD226NR Yale Assure Lock Keyed YRD226NR
Yale YRD256 Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD256
Yale YRD226 Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt YRD226
Yale YRD220 Yale Real Living™ Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock YRD220


IKEA E1842 IKEA Knycklan Dishwasher Valve Receiver E1842
Nous LZ3 Nous Smart ZigBee Valve Controller LZ3
Royal Gardineer ZX-7155-919 Royal Gardineer Irrigation Computer with Valve ZX-7155-919
Tuya ZG-V01 Tuya Gas/Water Valve ZG-V01
Tuya valve Tuya Gas/Water Valve (Upgraded Version) valve
Woox R7060 Woox Smart Garden Irrigation Control R7060


Hive SIREN001 Hive Hive Siren SIREN001


AiDot Linkind ZS190000118 AiDot Linkind Control Outlet ZS190000118
Aqara SP-EUC01 Aqara Smart Plug EU SP-EUC01
Aqara QBCZ11LM Aqara Wall Outlet QBCZ11LM
Aurora AU-A1ZBDSS Aurora AOne Smart 13A Double Socket UK AU-A1ZBDSS
Avatto CLY8101U-GE Avatto Smart Plug 16A BR CLY8101U-GE
BlitzWolf BW-SHP13 BlitzWolf Electricity Metering 16A EU Plug BW-SHP13
BlitzWolf BW-SHP15 BlitzWolf Power Monitoring 16A 3680W EU Plug BW-SHP15
Bosch BSP-FZ2 Bosch Plug Compact EU BSP-FZ2
Busch-Jaeger 6717-84 Busch-Jaeger Zwischenstecker Plug 6717-84
Centralite 3200-G Centralite 3-Series Smart Outlet 3200-G
Centralite 3200-Gde Centralite 3-Series Smart Outlet (Type F) 3200-Gde
Climax PSM-29ZBSR Climax Power Plug PSM-29ZBSR
Datek HLU2909K Datek Eva Smart Plug 16A HLU2909K
Develco EMIZB-132 Develco EMI Norwegian HAN Power Meter EMIZB-132
Develco SPLZB-131 Develco frient Smart Plug Mini Type F (Schuko) SPLZB-131
Develco SPLZB-134 Develco frient Smart Plug Mini Type G (British) SPLZB-134
Embertec BQZ10-AU-01 Embertec EmberIQ Plug BQZ10-AU-01
Enbrighten 43100 Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Switch 43100
eWeLink Zigbee Plug-UK/US eWeLink Plug 10A UK/US Zigbee Plug-UK/US
eWeLink ZYZB011-Plug eWeLink Telink TLSR8258 ZigBee 3.0 Switch Plug Module ZYZB011-Plug
eWeLink ZigBee CC2530 Power Outlet Module eWeLink ZYZB004-plug ZigBee CC2530 Power Ou...
Generic TS0121 Generic 10A/16A Smart Plug TS0121
GS SKHMP30-I1 GS Умная розетка (Smart Socket) SKHMP30-I1
Heiman HS2SK Heiman Metering Plug HS2SK
Hive 1613V Hive Active Plug 1613V
IKEA E1603 IKEA Tradfri Control Outlet E1603
Immax 07048L Immax Neo Smart Plug 07048L
Innr SP 120 Innr Smart Plug SP 120
Innr SP 222 Innr Smart Plug EU SP 222
Innr SP 220 Innr Smart Plug UK/EU SP 220
Innr SP 224 Innr Smart Plug US SP 224
Innr SP 234 Innr Smart Plug US SP 234
KlikAanKlikUit ZCC-3500 KlikAanKlikUit Smart Plug Switch ZCC-3500
Ledvance 4058075209985 Ledvance Smart+ Outdoor Plug EU 4058075209985
Legrand 064879 Legrand Cable Outlet 3000W 064879
Legrand 067775 Legrand Céliane 16A 3680W Wall Outlet - titanium 067775
Legrand 067725 Legrand Céliane 16A 3680W Wall Outlet - white 067725
Legrand 600391 Legrand Dooxie 16A 3680W Wall Outlet - White 600391
LELLKI WP34 LELLKI Power Strip 10A 4AC + 2USB WP34
LELLKI WP33 LELLKI Power Strip 16A 4000W 4AC + 2USB WP33
Lidl HG06620 Lidl SilverCrest Garden Spike with 2 Sockets HG06620
Lidl HG06619 Lidl SilverCrest Outdoor Plug HG06619
Lidl HG06338 Lidl SilverCrest Power Strip 3 AC (16A) with 4 USB HG06338
Lidl HG06337 Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug HG06337
Lidl HG06337-CH Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug CH HG06337-CH
Lidl HG06337-DK Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug DK HG06337-DK
Lidl HG08673-EU Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug EU HG08673-EU
Lidl HG06337-FR Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug FR HG06337-FR
Lidl HG08673-FR Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug FR HG08673-FR
Lidl HG06337-SB Lidl SilverCrest Smart Plug UK HG06337-SB
LifeControl MCLH-03 LifeControl Smart Plug MCLH-03
Lonsonho SmartPlug Lonsonho 16A Energy Monitoring Plug SmartPlug
Lonsonho TS0121 Lonsonho Lonsonho Tuya Zigbee Smart Plug 16A EU TS0121
Moes ZK-xx-2U Moes Dual USB Plug ZK-xx-2U
Neo NAS-WR01B Neo Smart Plug 16A with Power Monitoring EU NAS-WR01B
Netvox Z809A Netvox Power socket with power consumption monitoring Z809A
Niko 170-33505 Niko Connected Switching Socket Outlet 170-33505
Niko 552-80699 Niko Smart Plug with Pin Earthing 552-80699
Nous A1Z Nous Smart ZigBee Socket A1Z
OSRAM 31930 OSRAM Smart+ Outdoor Plug 31930
OSRAM AB3257001NJ OSRAM Smart+ Plug AB3257001NJ
Paul Neuhaus 100.425.90 Paul Neuhaus Q-Plug with Night Light 100.425.90
Philips LOM001 Philips Hue Smart Plug EU LOM001
Philips LOM004 Philips Hue Smart Plug US LOM004
Plugwise 160-01 Plugwise Plug 16A EU 160-01
ROBB ROB_200-017-0 ROBB Smart Plug 3680W ROB_200-017-0
Salus SPE600 Salus Smart Plug EU SPE600
Salus SP600 Salus Smart Plug UK SP600
Schneider Electric EKO09738 Schneider Electric Elko SmartSocket Double 16A Plus PW EKO09738
Schneider Electric EKO09716 Schneider Electric Elko SmartSocket Single 16A Plus PW EKO09716
Schneider Electric 545D6115 Schneider Electric LK FUGA Wiser Wireless Socket Outlet 545D6115
Schneider Electric WDE002172 Schneider Electric Wiser Exxact Single Socket Outlet 16A WDE002172
Schneider Electric CCT711119 Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Plug 16A CCT711119
Schneider Electric S520559 Schneider Electric Wiser Wiser Odace Prise 2P+T 16A Blanc S520559
Schwaiger ZHS15 Schwaiger Plug with Power Monitoring ZHS15
Sengled E1C-NB7 Sengled Smart Plug with Power Monitoring E1C-NB7
Sercomm SZ-ESW01-AU Sercomm Telstra Smart Power Plug SZ-ESW01-AU
Sinope SP2610ZB Sinope Smart In-Wall Outlet US SP2610ZB
SIXWGH WH025 SIXWGH Smart Plug with Power Monitoring EU WH025
SMaBiT AV2010/25 SMaBiT Smart Plug 16A with Metering AV2010/25
SMaBiT AV2010/26 SMaBiT Smart Plug with Dimmer 2.5A AV2010/26
SmartThings IM6001-OTP05 SmartThings Outlet US IM6001-OTP05
SmartThings F-APP-UK-V2 SmartThings Power Outlet UK F-APP-UK-V2
SmartThings GP-WOU019BBDWG SmartThings Smart Plug (2019) GP-WOU019BBDWG
SmartThings 7A-PL-Z-J3 SmartThings Smart Plug (2019) UK 7A-PL-Z-J3
Sonoff S26R2ZB Sonoff S26 Plug DE/FR/UK S26R2ZB
Sonoff S31 Lite zb Sonoff S31 Lite US Plug S31 Lite zb
Third Reality 3RSP02028BZ Third Reality Power Meter Plug (Gen 2) 3RSP02028BZ
Tuya YX-DZ005 Tuya Smart Plug 16A BR YX-DZ005
Tuya TS011F Tuya Smart Plug 16A EU TS011F
Tuya TS011F Tuya Smart Plug 20A EU TS011F
UseeLink SM-SO306EZ-10 UseeLink Power Strip 4 AC with 2 USB SM-SO306EZ-10
Xenon SM-SO306 Xenon Power Strip 10A/16A EU/US/UK/AU/JP/UN SM-SO306
Xiaomi ZNCZ04LM Xiaomi Mi Power Plug EU ZNCZ04LM
Xiaomi ZNCZ03LM Xiaomi Mi Power Plug for Taiwan ZNCZ03LM
Xiaomi ZNCZ12LM Xiaomi Mi Power Plug US ZNCZ12LM
Xiaomi ZNCZ02LM Xiaomi Mi Power Plug ZigBee ZNCZ02LM


Adeo LDSENK09 Adeo Lexman Smart Compact Keyfob LDSENK09
AduroSmart 81825 AduroSmart ERIA Smart Wireless Dimming Switch Remote 81825
AG-Security DP-ZSR001 AG-Security Wireless Scene Switch 1 Gang DP-ZSR001
AG-Security DP-ZSR002 AG-Security Wireless Scene Switch 2 Gang DP-ZSR002
AG-Security DP-ZSR003 AG-Security Wireless Scene Switch 3 Gang DP-ZSR003
AiDot Linkind ZS232000178 AiDot Linkind 1-Key Remote Control ZS232000178
Aqara MFKZQ01LM Aqara Cube MFKZQ01LM
Aqara MFKZQ11LM Aqara Cube T1 MFKZQ11LM
Aqara MFCZQ12LM Aqara Cube T1 Pro MFCZQ12LM
Aqara WXKG07LM Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) WXKG07LM
Aqara WXKG06LM Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker) WXKG06LM
Aqara WXKG20LM Aqara E1 Wireless Mini Switch WXKG20LM
Aqara WXKG17LM Aqara E1 Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) WXKG17LM
Aqara WRS-R02 Aqara H1 Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) WRS-R02
Aqara ZNXNKG02LM Aqara Smart Knob H1 (Wireless) ZNXNKG02LM
Aqara WXKG11LM Aqara Wireless Mini Switch WXKG11LM
Aqara WXKG12LM Aqara Wireless Mini Switch with Gyroscope WXKG12LM
Aqara WXKG02LM Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) (2016 version) WXKG02LM
Aqara WXKG02LM Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Double Rocker) (2018 version) WXKG02LM
Aqara WXKG03LM Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker) (2016 version) WXKG03LM
Aqara WXKG03LM Aqara Wireless Remote Switch (Single Rocker) (2018 version) WXKG03LM
Benexmart ZM-sui1 Benexmart Wireless Touch Switch 1 Gang ZM-sui1
Candeo CMM-1 Candeo Modmote Scene Switch CMM-1
Develco KEYZB-110 Develco frient Wireless Keypad KEYZB-110
Eardatek ESW-4ZAA-CN Eardatek Wireless 12 Scene Switch ESW-4ZAA-CN
Eardatek ESW-0ZAC-EU Eardatek Wireless Scene Switch 1 Button ESW-0ZAC-EU
Eardatek ESW-0ZAC-EU Eardatek Wireless Scene Switch 2 Buttons ESW-0ZAC-EU
Eardatek ESW-0ZAB-EU Eardatek Wireless Scene Switch 3 Buttons ESW-0ZAB-EU
Eardatek ESW-0ZAA-EU Eardatek Wireless Scene Switch 4 Buttons ESW-0ZAA-EU
Eardatek ESW-0ZBA-EU Eardatek Wireless Scene Switch 4 Buttons ESW-0ZBA-EU
EcoDim ED-10011 EcoDim Wireless Switch 1 Group Black ED-10011
EcoDim ED-10010 EcoDim Wireless Switch 1 Group White ED-10010
EcoDim ED-10013 EcoDim Wireless Switch 2 Groups Black ED-10013
EcoDim ED-10012 EcoDim Wireless Switch 2 Groups White ED-10012
EcoDim ED-10015 EcoDim Wireless Switch 4 Groups Black ED-10015
EcoDim ED-10014 EcoDim Wireless Switch 4 Groups White ED-10014
EcoSmart 6ARCZABZH EcoSmart 4 Button Remote 6ARCZABZH
ELKO 4523420 ELKO ESH Plus 316 Endevender RF PW 4523420
EnOcean PTM216Z EnOcean Green Power Generic Switch Pushbutton Transmitter Module PTM216Z
EnOcean PTM215Z EnOcean Green Power Pushbutton Transmitter Module PTM215Z
EnOcean PTM215ZE EnOcean Green Power Pushbutton Transmitter Module PTM215ZE
Envilar ZGR904-S Envilar Remote Control ZGR904-S
eWeLink RHK07 eWeLink Wireless Button RHK07
Gira 2435 10 Gira Light Link Hand-Held Transmitter 2435 10
Gira 2430-100 Gira Light Link Wall Transmitter 2430-100
Hampton Bay 99432 Hampton Bay White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control 99432
Heiman HS1RC Heiman Remote Controller HS1RC
Hihome WZB-SW1-3 Hihome Wireless Switch 3 Buttons WZB-SW1-3
iCasa ICZB-KPD12 iCasa Pulse 2 Keypad ICZB-KPD12
iCasa ICZB-KPD14S iCasa Pulse 4S Keypad ICZB-KPD14S
iCasa ICZB-KPD18S iCasa Pulse 8S Keypad ICZB-KPD18S
iCasa ICZB-RM11S iCasa Remote Control ICZB-RM11S
IKEA E2201 IKEA Rodret Wireless Dimmer E2201
IKEA E2001 IKEA Styrbar Remote Control (Stainless) E2001
IKEA E2001 IKEA Styrbar Remote Control (White) E2001
IKEA E1744 IKEA Symfonisk Sound Controller E1744
IKEA E2123 IKEA Symfonisk Sound Remote Gen2 E2123
IKEA E1743 IKEA Tradfri ON/OFF Switch E1743
IKEA E1766 IKEA Tradfri Open/Close Remote E1766
IKEA E1810 IKEA Tradfri Remote Control E1810
IKEA E1812 IKEA Tradfri Shortcut Button (White) E1812
IKEA ICTC-G-1 IKEA Tradfri Wireless Dimmer ICTC-G-1
Illumra ZBT-S2AWH Illumra Dual Rocker Self-Powered Switch ZBT-S2AWH
Iluminize 511.344 Iluminize Remote Control RGBW 4 Zones 511.344
Iluminize 511.524 Iluminize Touch Wall Dimmer CCT 4 Zones 511.524
Immax 07046L Immax Neo Smart Keyfob 07046L
Innr RC 250 Innr 5-Key Wireless Remote Control RC 250
Innr RC 110 Innr Remote Control RC 110
JUNG ZLL HS 4 JUNG Hand-Held Transmitter ZLL HS 4
Konke KPKEY Konke Multi-function Button KPKEY
Legrand 0 677 55/56/57 Legrand Céliane Wireless 4 Scenes Control Switch 0 677 55/56/57
Legrand 0677646 Legrand Céliane Wireless Roller Shutter Switch - white 0677646
Legrand 077709L Legrand Remote Control for 4 Scenes 077709L
Legrand 752x89 or 064884 Legrand Valena Life Scene Switch - Wakeup/Sleep 752x89 or 064884
Legrand 067694 Legrand Wireless Remote Toggle Switch 067694
Lerlink ZBWS01 Lerlink Wireless Switch 1 Gang ZBWS01
Lerlink ZBWS02 Lerlink Wireless Switch 2 Gang ZBWS02
Lerlink ZBWS03 Lerlink Wireless Switch 2 Gang ZBWS03
Lidl HG06323 Lidl Livarno Lux Remote Control Dimmer HG06323
Lidl HG06668 Lidl SilverCrest Doorbell HG06668
Lidl HG08164 Lidl SilverCrest Smart Button HG08164
LoraTap SS6200ZB LoraTap Remote 2 Button SS6200ZB
LoraTap SS600ZB LoraTap Remote 3 Button SS600ZB
LoraTap SS9300ZB-YA LoraTap Remote 3 Button SS9300ZB-YA
LoraTap SS6400ZB-V2 LoraTap Remote 4 Button SS6400ZB-V2
LoraTap SS9400ZB-YA LoraTap Remote 4 Button SS9400ZB-YA
Loratap SS6400ZB Loratap Wireless 4 Button Remote SS6400ZB
Lutron Z3-1BRL Lutron Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer Z3-1BRL
Lutron LZL4BWHL01 Lutron Connected Bulb Remote LZL4BWHL01
Moes ZS-SR4-2169 Moes Scene Remote 4 Button ZS-SR4-2169
Moes ZT-SR-EU4 Moes Star Ring 4 Gang Wireless Scene Switch ZT-SR-EU4
Moes ZT-B-EU3 Moes Wireless 9 Scene Switch ZT-B-EU3
Moes ZT-SY-SR-MS Moes Wireless 9 Scene Switch ZT-SY-SR-MS
Müller Licht 404011 Müller Licht Tint Remote Control 404011
Müller Licht 404022 Müller Licht Tint Remote Control White 404022
Müller Licht 404049 Müller Licht Tint Remote Control White 404049
Namron 4512701 Namron 1 Channel Dimmer K2 4512701
Namron 4512728 Namron 1 Channel Dimmer K2 Black 4512728
Namron 4512729 Namron 2 Channel Dimmer K4 Black 4512729
Namron 4512719 Namron 2 Channel Dimmer K4 White 4512719
Namron 4512721 Namron 4 Channel Dimmer K8 Black 4512721
Namron 4512705 Namron 4 Channel Remote Control 4512705
Namron 4512706 Namron RGB Remote Control 4512706
Nedis ZBRC10WT Nedis Remote Control 4 Button ZBRC10WT
Nedis ZBWS10WT Nedis SmartLife Wall Switch ZBWS10WT
Niko 91004 Niko Dimmer Switch for Hue System 91004
OSRAM 4058075816459 OSRAM Smart+ Switch 4058075816459
OSRAM AC0251x00NJ OSRAM Smart+ Switch Mini AC0251x00NJ
Paulmann 501.34 Paulmann Wall Switch On/Off/Dimm 501.34
Philips RWL021 Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (EU) RWL021
Philips RWL020 Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (US) RWL020
Philips RWL022 Philips Hue Dimmer Switch v2 (EU) RWL022
Philips ROM001 Philips Hue Smart Button ROM001
Philips RDM002 Philips Hue Tap Dial EU (White/Black) RDM002
Philips 9290011152X Philips Hue Tap Switch 9290011152X
RGB Genie ZB-3007 RGB Genie 3 Zone Color Touch Panel and Dimmer ZB-3007
RGB Genie ZB-5001 RGB Genie 5 Zone Remote and Dimmer ZB-5001
RGB Genie ZB-5121 RGB Genie Micro Remote with single scene recall ZB-5121
ROBB ROB_200-009-0 ROBB Wall Remote 2 Buttons ROB_200-009-0
ROBB ROB_200-008-0 ROBB Wall Remote 4 Buttons ROB_200-008-0
ROBB ROB_200-007-0 ROBB Wall Remote 8V ROB_200-007-0
ROBB ROB_200-025-0 ROBB Wall transmitter 8V black ROB_200-025-0
Schneider Electric 550D6001 Schneider Electric LK FUGA Wiser Wireless Battery 4 Button Switch 550D6001
Schneider Electric WDE002906 Schneider Electric Wiser Exxact Battery-powered Wireless Switch WDE002906
Sengled E1E-G7F Sengled Smart Switch E1E-G7F
SMaBiT AV2010/23 SMaBiT 4-Button Remote Control AV2010/23
Smart9 S9TSZGB 1 Smart9 1 Gang Remote Switch S9TSZGB 1
Smart9 S9TSZGB Smart9 3 Gang Remote Switch S9TSZGB
Smart9 S9ZGBRC01 Smart9 Smart Remote Controller 4 Button S9ZGBRC01
SmartThings IM6001-BTP01 SmartThings Button IM6001-BTP01
Sonoff SNZB-01 Sonoff Wireless Switch SNZB-01
Sunricher SR-ZG2855-5C Sunricher 3 in 1 ZigBee Push Button Remote SR-ZG2855-5C
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K2-DIM2 Sunricher K2 Wall Mounted Controller SR-ZG9001K2-DIM2
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K8-RGBW Sunricher K8 RGBW Wall Mounted Remote Controller SR-ZG9001K8-RGBW
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K8-DIM Sunricher K8 Wall Mounted 4 Groups Push Button Remote SR-ZG9001K8-DIM
Sunricher SR-ZG2801K2-5C Sunricher RGB CCT 3 in 1 Remote Controller SR-ZG2801K2-5C
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K4-RGBW Sunricher RGB Wall Mounted Remote Controller SR-ZG9001K4-RGBW
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K12-DIM-Z4 Sunricher Single Color 4 Groups ZigBee Key Remote Controller SR-ZG9001K12-DIM-Z4
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K12-DIM-Z5 Sunricher Single Color 5 Groups ZigBee Key Remote Controller SR-ZG9001K12-DIM-Z5
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K4-DIM Sunricher Single Color Wall Mounted Push Button Remote SR-ZG9001K4-DIM
Sunricher SR-ZG9001K4-DIM2 Sunricher Wall Mounted Controller 2 Groups SR-ZG9001K4-DIM2
Sylvania 70499 Sylvania Lightify Smart Switch 8 Functions / 4 Buttons 70499
Terncy TERNCY-SD01 Terncy Smart Dial TERNCY-SD01
The Light Group S57003 The Light Group SLC SmartOne Wall Remote 4 x Mono S57003
Trust ZYCT-202 Trust Remote Control ZYCT-202
Tuya 4keyremote Tuya Remote 4 Keys 12 Scenes 4keyremote
Tuya ZG-101ZL Tuya Smart Button ZG-101ZL
Tuya SC20 Tuya Smart Knob Scene Switch SC20
Tuya TS0215A Tuya SOS Button TS0215A
Tuya TS0218 Tuya SOS Button TS0218
Tuya TS0041 Tuya Wireless Scene Switch TS0041
Tuya YSR-ZSW Tuya Wireless Switch 34 Buttons YSR-ZSW
Vimar 03906 Vimar Friends of Hue RF Switch 03906
Woox R7054 Woox Smart Remote Control R7054
Woox R7052 Woox Smart SOS Button R7052
Xfinity XHK1-TC Xfinity Keyboard Security System XHK1-TC
Xfinity XHK1-UE Xfinity Keyboard Security System XHK1-UE
Xiaomi WXCJKG11LM Xiaomi Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 2 Button WXCJKG11LM
Xiaomi WXCJKG12LM Xiaomi Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 4 Button WXCJKG12LM
Xiaomi WXCJKG13LM Xiaomi Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 6 Button WXCJKG13LM
Xiaomi WXKG01LM Xiaomi Mijia Wireless Switch WXKG01LM
Ynoa LA-AAN-UIT-7A Ynoa Wireless Dimmer Knob LA-AAN-UIT-7A
Yphix 50208693 Yphix Wireless RGBW Remote 50208693
Zemismart ZM-ZS-2 Zemismart 2 Gang Remote Switch ZM-ZS-2
Zemismart ZM-ZS-3 Zemismart 3 Gang Remote Switch ZM-ZS-3
Zemismart SOS Zemismart SOS Button SOS
Zemismart ZB-L03C Zemismart Wireless Scene Switch 2 Button ZB-L03C


Aeotec ZAG001-C15 Aeotec Range Extender Zi ZAG001-C15
CEL CGW-Z-0010 CEL Cortet Z10 Range Extender CGW-Z-0010
cod.m 90085 cod.m ZigBee Long Range Router/Repeater 90085
Custom Device SZ1 Custom Device CC2530 Zigbee Router SZ1
DIY ptvo.router DIY CC2530 Router ptvo.router
IKEA E1746 IKEA Tradfri Signal Repeater E1746
OpenLumi GWRJN5169 OpenLumi Lumi Router GWRJN5169
Tuya TS0207 Tuya Signal Repeater Zigbee 3.0 TS0207


Adeo LDSENK08 Adeo Lexman Door Window Sensor with Vibration LDSENK08
Adeo LDSENK10 Adeo Lexman Indoor Pet-Immune Motion Sensor LDSENK10
AduroSmart 81823 AduroSmart ERIA Motion Sensor 81823
AiDot Linkind ZS110050078 AiDot Linkind Door Window Sensor ZS110050078
AiDot Linkind ZS110040078 AiDot Linkind Motion Sensor ZS110040078
AiDot Linkind LS21001 AiDot Linkind Water Leak Sensor LS21001
Alecto SMART-DOOR10 Alecto Door/Window Contact Sensor SMART-DOOR10
Alecto SMART-MOTION10 Alecto Motion Sensor SMART-MOTION10
Alecto SMART-TEMP10 Alecto Temperature and Humidity Sensor SMART-TEMP10
Aqara MCCGQ11LM Aqara Door & Window Sensor MCCGQ11LM
Aqara MCCGQ12LM Aqara Door and Window Sensor T1 MCCGQ12LM
Aqara MCCGQ14LM Aqara E1 Door & Window Sensor MCCGQ14LM
Aqara RTCGQ13LM Aqara High Precision Motion Sensor RTCGQ13LM
Aqara RTCGQ14LM Aqara Illuminance and Motion Sensor P1 RTCGQ14LM
Aqara GZCGQ11LM Aqara Light Detection Sensor T1 GZCGQ11LM
Aqara RTCGQ11LM Aqara Motion and Illuminance Sensor RTCGQ11LM
Aqara RTCZCGQ11LM Aqara Presence Detector FP1 RTCZCGQ11LM
Aqara WSDCGQ11LM Aqara Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Sensor WSDCGQ11LM
Aqara AAQS-S01 Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor AAQS-S01
Aqara DJT11LM Aqara Vibration Sensor DJT11LM
Aqara SJCGQ11LM Aqara Water Leak Sensor SJCGQ11LM
Aqara SJCGQ12LM Aqara Water Leak Sensor T1 SJCGQ12LM
Aurora AU-A1ZBPIRS Aurora AOne PIR Sensor AU-A1ZBPIRS
BlitzWolf BW-IS2 BlitzWolf Contact Sensor BW-IS2
BlitzWolf BW-IS4 BlitzWolf Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display BW-IS4
BlitzWolf BW-IS8 BlitzWolf Temperature and Humidity Sensor BW-IS8
BlitzWolf BW-IS5 BlitzWolf Water Leak Sensor BW-IS5
Bosch AIR Bosch Air Quality 5 in 1 Multisensor AIR
Bosch RFDL-ZB Bosch RADION TriTech ZB Wireless Motion Detector RFDL-ZB
Bosch BWA-1 Bosch Water Alarm BWA-1
Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 Bosch Wireless PIR Motion Detector ISW-ZPR1-WP13
Bosch ISW-ZDL1-WP11G Bosch Wireless TriTech Motion Detector ISW-ZDL1-WP11G
CASA.ia CTHS-317-ET CASA.ia Temperature Probe CTHS-317-ET
Centralite 3323-G Centralite 3-Series Micro Door Sensor 3323-G
Centralite 3315-C Centralite 3-Series Water Sensor 3315-C
Climax LMHT-1ZBS Climax Ambient Light Sensor LMHT-1ZBS
Climax LM-1ZBS Climax Ambient Light, Temperature and Humidity Sensor LM-1ZBS
Climax DC-15ZBS Climax Door Contact Sensor DC-15ZBS
Climax EMD-1ZBS Climax Energy Meter EMD-1ZBS
Climax IR-9ZBS Climax Motion Sensor IR-9ZBS
Climax SD-8SCZBS Climax Smoke Detector SD-8SCZBS
D-Link DCH-B112 D-Link mydlink Door/Window Sensor DCH-B112
D-Link DCH-B122 D-Link mydlink Motion Sensor DCH-B122
Danfoss Ally 014G2480 Danfoss Ally Temperature and Humidity Sensor 014G2480
Datek HSE2905E Datek Eva Home Meter Reader HSE2905E
Develco AQSZB-110 Develco frient Air Quality Sensor AQSZB-110
Develco ZHEMI101 Develco frient Electricity Meter Interface ZHEMI101
Develco WISZB-121 Develco frient Entry Sensor WISZB-121
Develco WISZB-120 Develco frient Entry Sensor Pro WISZB-120
Develco HESZB-120 Develco frient Intelligent Heat Alarm HESZB-120
Develco SMSZB-120 Develco frient Intelligent Smoke Alarm SMSZB-120
Develco MOSZB-141 Develco frient Motion Sensor MOSZB-141
Develco MOSZB-140 Develco frient Motion Sensor Pro MOSZB-140
Develco SIRZB-110 Develco frient Smart Siren SIRZB-110
Develco HMSZB-110 Develco frient Temperature and Humidity Sensor HMSZB-110
Develco FLSZB-120 Develco frient Water Leak Detector FLSZB-120
Develco ZHMS101 Develco Magnetic Switch ZHMS101
Develco MOSZB-130 Develco Motion Sensor MOSZB-130
DIYRuZ Flower DIYRuZ Soil Moisture Sensor Flower
Echostar SAGE206612 Echostar SAGE Doorbell Sensor SAGE206612
Ecolink 4655BC0-R Ecolink Door/Window Contact Sensor 4655BC0-R
essentials 120102 essentials Smart Home Motion Sensor 120102
eWeLink RHK06 eWeLink Door Sensor RHK06
eWeLink RHK09 eWeLink PIR Motion Sensor RHK09
eWeLink RHK08 eWeLink Temperature and Humidity Sensor RHK08
Fantem ZB003-X Fantem Multi Sensor 4 in 1 ZB003-X
Feibit SCA01ZB Feibit Carbon Monoxide Detector SCA01ZB
Feibit TDOS106G-M2 Feibit Door Sensor TDOS106G-M2
Feibit SGA01ZB Feibit Gas Leak Detector and Repeater SGA01ZB
Feibit SSA01ZB Feibit Smoke Detector SSA01ZB
GamaBit GMB-HAS-VB-B01 GamaBit Vibration Sensor GMB-HAS-VB-B01
GamaBit GMB-HAS-DW-B01 GamaBit Water Leak Sensor GMB-HAS-DW-B01
GamaBit GMB-HAS-WL-B01 GamaBit Water Leak Sensor GMB-HAS-WL-B01
Heiman HS3AQ Heiman Air Quality Monitor HS3AQ
Heiman HS1CG Heiman Combustible Gas Sensor HS1CG
Heiman HS1DS Heiman Door Sensor HS1DS
Heiman HS1CA Heiman EN50291 Carbon Monoxide Sensor HS1CA
Heiman HS1MS Heiman Motion Sensor HS1MS
Heiman HS3MS Heiman Motion Sensor HS3MS
Heiman HS1SA Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA
Heiman HS3SA Heiman Smoke Sensor HS3SA
Heiman HS2WD Heiman Sound and Flash Siren HS2WD
Heiman HS1HT Heiman Temperature & Humidity Sensor HS1HT
Heiman HS1WL Heiman Water Leakage Sensor HS1WL
Heiman HS3WL Heiman Water Leakage Sensor HS3WL
HEIMAN HS3CG HEIMAN Combustible gas sensor HS3CG
Heimgard HCSMOKEDETECT Heimgard Smoke Detector HCSMOKEDETECT
Hihome WZB-SDS Hihome Door/Window Sensor WZB-SDS
Hihome WZB-PIR Hihome PIR Motion Detector WZB-PIR
Hihome WZB-STH Hihome Temperature and Humidity Sensor WZB-STH
Hive MOT003 Hive Motion Sensor MOT003
Hive DWS003 Hive Window or Door Sensor DWS003
HZC Electronics S900W-ZG HZC Electronics Water Leak Sensor S900W-ZG
iHORN LH-32ZB iHORN Huawei Temperature & Humidity Sensor LH-32ZB
iHORN LH-99ZB iHORN Smoke Detector LH-99ZB
iHORN LH-331ZB iHORN Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Screen LH-331ZB
IKEA E1525 IKEA Tradfri Motion Sensor E1525
IKEA E1745 IKEA Tradfri Motion Sensor E1745
IKEA E2112 IKEA Vindstyrka Air Quality Sensor E2112
Immax 07504L Immax Neo Outdoor Smart Siren (IP65) 07504L
Immax 07045L Immax Neo Smart 3x Magnetic Window and Door Sensor 07045L
Immax 07047L Immax Neo Smart Sensor 4v1 07047L
Iris 3320-L Iris Contact and Temperature Sensor 3320-L
Iris 3326-L Iris Motion and Temperature Sensor 3326-L
Iris 1117-S Iris Motion Sensor v3 1117-S
KlikaanKlikuit ZCO-900 KlikaanKlikuit Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector ZCO-900
Konke KPDR Konke Entry Sensor KPDR
Konke KPBS Konke Motion Sensor KPBS
Konke KPFT Konke Temp-Humidity Sensor KPFT
LeakSmart 8850600 LeakSmart Leak & Temperature Sensor 8850600
Ledvance 4058075209084 Ledvance Smart+ Motion Sensor 4058075209084
Legrand 064875 Legrand 140° Infrared Motion Detector IP44 064875
Lidl HG06335 Lidl SilverCrest Motion Sensor HG06335
Lidl SMSZ 1 B2 Lidl SilverCrest Motion Sensor SMSZ 1 B2
Lidl HG06336 Lidl SilverCrest Window and Door Sensor HG06336
LifeControl MCLH-08 LifeControl Air Quality Sensor MCLH-08
LiXee ZLINY_TICV1_0 LiXee Linky Meter Data Transmitter ZLINY_TICV1_0
Luminea ZX-5311 Luminea Outdoor PIR Sensor with Solar Panel ZX-5311
Meian SW02-ZB Meian Tuya Water Leak Sensor SW02-ZB
Moes ZSS-ZK-THL Moes E-Ink Brightness Thermometer ZSS-ZK-THL
Moes ZSS-X-PIRL-C Moes PIR Motion Sensor Human Detector ZSS-X-PIRL-C
Moes RH3052 Moes Temperature And Humidity Sensor RH3052
Moes ZSS-KB-TH Moes Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display ZSS-KB-TH
Moes ZSS-Z-VBR-A-EN Moes Vibration Sensor ZSS-Z-VBR-A-EN
Moes ZB-XGM Moes Window Door Gate Sensor Detector ZB-XGM
Nedis ZBSD10WT Nedis Door Window Sensor ZBSD10WT
Nedis ZBSC10WT Nedis Smart Climate Sensor ZBSC10WT
Nedis ZBSM10WT Nedis SmartLife Motion Sensor ZBSM10WT
Neo NAS-DS07B0 Neo Door Sensor NAS-DS07B0
Neo NAS-AB02B0 Neo Siren with Temperature & Humidity Sensor NAS-AB02B0
Neo NAS-TH02B Neo Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD screen NAS-TH02B
Neo NAS-WS05B Neo Water Leak Sensor NAS-WS05B
Nous E3 Nous Door/Window Sensor E3
Nous E6 Nous LCD Temperature and Humidity Sensor E6
Nous E5 Nous Temperature and Humidity Sensor E5
Nyce NCZ-3043-HA Nyce Ceiling Motion Sensor NCZ-3043-HA
Nyce NCZ-3011-HA Nyce Door/Window Sensor NCZ-3011-HA
Nyce NCZ-3014-HA Nyce Garage Door (Tilt) Sensor NCZ-3014-HA
Nyce NCZ-3041-HA Nyce Motion Sensor NCZ-3041-HA
Orvibo SG20 Orvibo Combustible Gas Sensor SG20
Orvibo SM11 Orvibo Door & Window Sensor SM11
Orvibo SN10ZW Orvibo Motion Sensor SN10ZW
Orvibo SF20 Orvibo Smoke Sensor SF20
Orvibo SF30 Orvibo Smoke Sensor SF30
Orvibo ST30 Orvibo Temperature & Humidity Sensor ST30
OSRAM AC01353010G OSRAM Smart+ Motion Sensor AC01353010G
Oujiabao CR701-YZ Oujiabao Gas and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector CR701-YZ
OWON PIR313 OWON Motion Multi Sensor PIR313
OWON THS317-ET OWON Temperature Sensor with Probe THS317-ET
PeQ 3300-P PeQ Door and Window Sensor 3300-P
PEQ 3305-P PEQ Motion Sensor 3305-P
Philio PST03-A Philio 4 in 1 Multi Sensor PST03-A
Philips SML002 Philips Hue Motion Outdoor Sensor SML002
Philips SML001 Philips Hue Motion Sensor SML001
Philips SML003 Philips Hue Motion Sensor SML003
Philips SML004 Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor SML004
Plaid Systems PS-SPRZMS-SLP3 Plaid Systems Spruce Soil Moisture Sensor Gen 3 PS-SPRZMS-SLP3
Qoto QT-07S Qoto Soil Temperature and Humidity Sensor QT-07S
Quirky PTRPP-WH02 Quirky Tripper Window/Door Sensor PTRPP-WH02
Rehent RH-ZMS1 Rehent PIR Motion Sensor RH-ZMS1
Rehent RH-ZMS2 Rehent PIR Motion Sensor RH-ZMS2
Rehent RH-ZTH1 Rehent Temperature and Humidity Sensor RH-ZTH1
RightSitu ZW08 RightSitu Water Leak Sensor ZW08
Salus PS600 Salus Pipe Temperature Sensor PS600
Samotech SM301Z Samotech PIR Motion Sensor SM301Z
Schneider Electric 550B1023 Schneider Electric LK Wiser Door/Windows Sensor 550B1023
Schneider Electric 550B1022 Schneider Electric LK Wiser Motion Sensor 550B1022
Schneider Electric 550B1024 Schneider Electric LK Wiser Temperature and Humidity Sensor 550B1024
Schneider Electric 550B1021 Schneider Electric LK Wiser Water Leak Sensor 550B1021
Schwaiger ZHS20 Schwaiger Smoke Sensor ZHS20
Sengled E1D-G73 Sengled Smart Door & Window Sensor E1D-G73
Sercomm SZ-DWS04 Sercomm Door/Window Sensor SZ-DWS04
Sercomm SZ-WTD02N Sercomm Flood Sensor SZ-WTD02N
Sercomm SZ-PIR02 Sercomm Securifi Motion Detector SZ-PIR02
Sinope WL4200S Sinope Water Leak Detector with Sensor WL4200S
SMaBiT AV2010/21A SMaBiT Compact Magnetic Contact Sensor AV2010/21A
SMaBiT AV2010/21B SMaBiT Compact Magnetic Contact Sensor with Wired Contacts AV2010/21B
SMaBiT AV2010/21C SMaBiT Flat Magnetic Contact Sensor AV2010/21C
SMaBiT AV2010/24A SMaBiT Optical Smoke Detector AV2010/24A
SMaBiT AV2010/29 SMaBiT Outdoor Siren and Flashing Light AV2010/29
SMaBiT AV2010/22 SMaBiT Professional Motion Sensor AV2010/22
SmartThings STS-PRS-251 SmartThings Arrival Sensor STS-PRS-251
SmartThings 3305-S SmartThings Motion Sensor (2014 model) 3305-S
SmartThings F-IRM-US-2 SmartThings Motion Sensor (2015 model) F-IRM-US-2
SmartThings STS-IRM-250 SmartThings Motion Sensor (2016 model) STS-IRM-250
SmartThings STS-IRM-251 SmartThings Motion Sensor (2017 model) STS-IRM-251
SmartThings IM6001-MTP01 SmartThings Motion Sensor (2018 model) IM6001-MTP01
SmartThings F-SS-MULT-001 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (2015) F-SS-MULT-001
SmartThings STS-MLT-250 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (2016 model) STS-MLT-250
SmartThings IM6001-MPP01 SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (2018 model) IM6001-MPP01
SmartThings SZ-SRN12N SmartThings Siren SZ-SRN12N
SmartThings STS-WTR-250 SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (2016 model) STS-WTR-250
SmartThings F-WTR-UK-V2 SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (2018 model) F-WTR-UK-V2
SmartThings IM6001-WLP01 SmartThings Water Leak Sensor (2018 model) IM6001-WLP01
Sonoff SNZB-02D Sonoff LCD Temperature Humidity Sensor SNZB-02D
Sonoff SNZB-03 Sonoff Motion Sensor SNZB-03
Sonoff SNZB-02 Sonoff Temperature And Humidity Sensor SNZB-02
Sonoff SNZB-04 Sonoff Wireless Door/Window Sensor SNZB-04
Swann SWO-MOS1PA Swann Motion and Temperature Sensor SWO-MOS1PA
Sylvania E21266 Sylvania Smart+ Motion and Temperature Sensor E21266
Terncy TERNCY-DC01 Terncy Door Sensor TERNCY-DC01
Third Reality 3RMS16BZ Third Reality Motion Sensor, Pet Friendly 3RMS16BZ
Third Reality 3RTHS24BZ Third Reality Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display 3RTHS24BZ
Third Reality 3RWS18BZ Third Reality Water Leak Sensor 3RWS18BZ
Trust ZPIR-8000 Trust Motion Sensor ZPIR-8000
Trust ZCTS-808 Trust Wireless Contact Sensor ZCTS-808
Tuya SNTZ007 Tuya Contact Sensor SNTZ007
Tuya TS0203 Tuya Contact Sensor TS0203
Tuya ZM-CG205 Tuya Door Magnetic Sensor ZM-CG205
Tuya ZD06 Tuya Door Window Sensor ZD06
Tuya ZD08 Tuya Door Window Sensor ZD08
Tuya iH-F001 Tuya Door/Window Sensor iH-F001
Tuya TS0204 Tuya Gas Sensor TS0204
Tuya ZY-M100-L Tuya Human Presence Detector 5.8GHz Ceiling Mount ZY-M100-L
Tuya ZY-M100-S Tuya Human Presence Detector 5.8GHz Wall Mount ZY-M100-S
Tuya PS-HPS Tuya Human Presence Sensor 24GHz PS-HPS
Tuya ZG227C Tuya LCD Temperature and Humidity Sensor ZG227C
Tuya ZXZLD-01 Tuya Light Intensity Sensor ZXZLD-01
Tuya ZG-102ZL Tuya Luminance Door Sensor ZG-102ZL
Tuya 40ZH-O Tuya Motion Sensor 40ZH-O
Tuya IH012-RT02 Tuya Motion Sensor IH012-RT02
Tuya ZM-RT20 Tuya Motion Sensor ZM-RT20
Tuya ZMS01 Tuya Motion Sensor ZMS01
Tuya ZM-35ZH-Q Tuya Motion Sensor ZB3.0 ZM-35ZH-Q
Tuya ES63-D5Z Tuya Photoelectric Smoke Alarm ES63-D5Z
Tuya TS0601 Tuya Photoelectric Smoke Detector TS0601
Tuya ZG-204ZL Tuya PIR Motion Detector and Light Sensor ZG-204ZL
Tuya DCR-KQG Tuya Smart Air Detector 6 in 1 DCR-KQG
Tuya Qaynn Tuya Smoke Detector Qaynn
Tuya TS0205 Tuya Smoke Sensor TS0205
Tuya TS0216 Tuya Sound and Flash Siren TS0216
Tuya IH-K009 Tuya Temperature & Humidity Sensor IH-K009
Tuya ZC-W1 Tuya Temperature & Humidity Sensor ZC-W1
Tuya MIR-TE100 Tuya Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display MIR-TE100
Tuya WL-TH02 Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor WL-TH02
Tuya WSD500A Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor WSD500A
Tuya ZTH01 Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor ZTH01
Tuya ZXZTH Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor ZXZTH
Tuya JM-TRH-ZGB-V1 Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display JM-TRH-ZGB-V1
Tuya KCTW1Z Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Display KCTW1Z
Tuya ZG-227ZL Tuya Temperature and Humidity Sensor with LCD Display ZG-227ZL
Tuya TS0210 Tuya Vibration Sensor TS0210
Tuya MIR-WA100 Tuya Water Leak Detector MIR-WA100
Tuya SW02-ZB Tuya Water Leak Sensor SW02-ZB
Visonic MCT-340 E Visonic Magnetic Door & Window Contact Sensor MCT-340 E
Woox R7049 Woox Smoke Alarm Single Unit R7049
Woox R7048 Woox Temperature and Humidty Sensor R7048
Xiaomi JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW Xiaomi Honeywell Fire Alarm Smoke Detector JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW
Xiaomi JTQJ-BF-01LM/BW Xiaomi Honeywell Gas Detector JTQJ-BF-01LM/BW
Xiaomi GZCGQ01LM Xiaomi Mi Light Detection Sensor GZCGQ01LM
Xiaomi MCCGQ01LM Xiaomi Mijia Door & Window Sensor MCCGQ01LM
Xiaomi RTCGQ01LM Xiaomi Mijia Human Body Sensor RTCGQ01LM
Xiaomi WSDCGQ01LM Xiaomi Mijia Temperature & Humidity Sensor WSDCGQ01LM
Zemismart ZMDS01 Zemismart Door/Window Sensor ZMDS01
Zemismart ZMPIR01 Zemismart Motion Sensor ZMPIR01
Zemismart ZXZPIR Zemismart PIR Sensor ZXZPIR


3A Nue HGZB-41 3A Nue Light Switch - 1 Gang AU HGZB-41
ALab Technology Spain Zigbee_Relay ALab Technology Spain Zigbee 4 Channel Relay Zigbee_Relay
AllbeAI TY4CH AllbeAI 4 Channel Relay Board DC 5V/7-32V TY4CH
Aqara QBKG22LM Aqara D1 Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) QBKG22LM
Aqara QBKG21LM Aqara D1 Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG21LM
Aqara QBKG24LM Aqara D1 Wall Switch (With Neutral, Double Rocker) QBKG24LM
Aqara QBKG23LM Aqara D1 Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG23LM
Aqara QBKG39LM Aqara E1 Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) QBKG39LM
Aqara QBKG38LM Aqara E1 Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG38LM
Aqara QBKG40LM Aqara E1 Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG40LM
Aqara WS-EUK02 Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) WS-EUK02
Aqara WS-EUK01 Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker) WS-EUK01
Aqara WS-EUK04 Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (With Neutral, Double Rocker) WS-EUK04
Aqara WS-EUK03 Aqara H1 EU Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker) WS-EUK03
Aqara DLKZMK12LM Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral) DLKZMK12LM
Aqara SSM-U02 Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral) SSM-U02
Aqara SSM-U01 Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (With Neutral) SSM-U01
Aqara WS-USC03 Aqara US Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker) WS-USC03
Aqara QBKG03LM Aqara Wall Switch (No Neutral, Double Rocker) QBKG03LM
Aqara QBKG04LM Aqara Wall Switch (No Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG04LM
Aqara QBKG12LM Aqara Wall Switch (With Neutral, Double Rocker) QBKG12LM
Aqara QBKG11LM Aqara Wall Switch (With Neutral, Single Rocker) QBKG11LM
Aurora AU-A1ZBR16A Aurora AOne 16A Inline Relay AU-A1ZBR16A
BSEED TS0012 BSEED Touch Switch 2 Gang TS0012
BTicino 3584C BTicino Connected Lighting Micromodule 3584C
BTicino FC80RC BTicino DIN Relay 16A FC80RC
Bticino FC80CC Bticino DIN Contactor 20A FC80CC
Busch-Jaeger 6735-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Control Element 1gang 6735-XX
Busch-Jaeger 6736-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Control Element 2gang 6736-XX
Busch-Jaeger 6737-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Control Element 4gang 6737-XX
Busch-Jaeger 6735/01-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Wall-Mounted Transmitter 1channel 6735/01-XX
Busch-Jaeger 6736-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Wall-Mounted Transmitter 2channel 6736-XX
Busch-Jaeger 6737/01-XX Busch-Jaeger Light Link Wall-Mounted Transmitter 4channel 6737/01-XX
Develco SMRZB-143 Develco frient Smart Cable SMRZB-143
Develco IOMZB-110 Develco IO-module (4 inputs + 2 NO/NC dry contact outputs) IOMZB-110
Develco SMRZB-332 Develco Smart Relay 16A DIN SMRZB-332
DIY ptvo.switch DIY Multi-channel Configurable Relay Switch ptvo.switch
DIYRuZ R4_4 DIYRuZ DIY 4 Channel Relay + 1 Output R4_4
DIYRuZ R4_5 DIYRuZ DIY 4 Channel Solid State Relay R4_5
DIYRuZ R8_8 DIYRuZ DIY 8 Channel Relay R8_8
DIYRuZ RT DIYRuZ DIY CC2530 Zigbee 3.0 Firmware RT
Eardatek ESW-2ZAA-EU Eardatek Light Switch No Neutral 2 Gang ESW-2ZAA-EU
eMylo XL9251ZB eMylo Smart Switch 10A XL9251ZB
Enbrighten 43082 Enbrighten In-Wall Dimmer 43082
Enbrighten 43076 Enbrighten In-Wall Toggle Switch 43076
eWeLink ZG-2001 eWeLink DC 7-32v Ewelink ZigBee Relay Module ZG-2001
eWeLink ZB-SW01 eWeLink Light Switch 1 Gang ZB-SW01
eWeLink SA-003-Zigbee eWeLink OnOff Controller SA-003-Zigbee
eWeLink ZigBee CC2530 Multifunction Switch Module eWeLink ZYZB004 ZigBee CC2530 Multifun...
GE 45856GE GE In-Wall Smart Switch 45856GE
Gledopto GL-SD-002 Gledopto Switch Module GL-SD-002
Hiking DDS238-2 Hiking Single Phase 65A DIN Rail Energy Meter DDS238-2
IKEA E1836 IKEA Askvader On/Off Switch E1836
Iluminize 511.202 Iluminize High Voltage 230V Relay Module 511.202
JUNG ZLL 5004 M JUNG Transmitter Module 4-gang ZLL 5004 M
Ksentry Electronics KS-SM001 Ksentry Electronics OnOff Controller KS-SM001
Lasco TS0011 Lasco 1 Gang Smart Touch Switch (No Neutral) TS0011
Legrand 412171 Legrand Connected contactor 412171
Legrand 412170 Legrand Connected DIN Relay 16A 412170
Legrand 067721 Legrand Céliane Wired Switch No Neutral - white 067721
Legrand 067773 Legrand Céliane Wireless Switch 067773
Legrand 064888 Legrand Micromodule Relay 064888
Lerlink A2-ZH20 Lerlink Boiler Switch 20A 4400W EU A2-ZH20
Lerlink X711A Lerlink No Neutral Push Button Light Switch 1 Gang X711A
Lerlink X712A Lerlink No Neutral Push Button Light Switch 2 Gang X712A
Lerlink X713A Lerlink No Neutral Push Button Light Switch 3 Gang X713A
Lidl HG06875 Lidl Parkside Smart Watering Timer HG06875
Livolo TI0001 Livolo Switch 1 or 2 Gang TI0001
Lonsonho QS-Zigbee-S05-L Lonsonho 1 Gang Switch Module No Neutral QS-Zigbee-S05-L
Lonsonho QS-Zigbee-S05-LN Lonsonho 1 Gang Switch Module With Neutral QS-Zigbee-S05-LN
Lonsonho QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-LN Lonsonho 2 Gang Switch Module With Neutral QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-LN
Lonsonho X713A Lonsonho No Neutral Push Button Light Switch 3 Gang X713A
LoraTap RR400ZB LoraTap Mini Relay Module RR400ZB
Mercator Ikuü SSW01 Mercator Ikuü Single Switch SSW01
Moes ZS-SR-EU2 Moes Star Ring Switch 2 Gang ZS-SR-EU2
Moes ZS-EU1-PLW Moes Switch 1 Gang EU/UK No Neutral ZS-EU1-PLW
Moes ZS-B-EU2 Moes Switch 2 Gang EU/UK ZS-B-EU2
Moes MS-104CZ Moes Switch Module 3 Gang 2 Way MS-104CZ
Moes MS-104ZN-1 Moes Switch Module ZigBee+RF 1 Gang MS-104ZN-1
Moes MS-104BZ Moes Switch Module ZigBee+RF 2 Gang MS-104BZ
Moes ZTS-EU1-W Moes Touch Switch 1 Gang EU ZTS-EU1-W
Müller Licht 404021 Müller Licht Tint Smart Switch 404021
Namron 4512702 Namron 1 Channel Dimmer K4 4512702
Namron 4512703 Namron 4 Channel Dimmer K8 White 4512703
NorkImes MKS-CM-W5 NorkImes 1/2/3/4 Gang 2 Way Touch Switch MKS-CM-W5
Orvibo CM10ZW Orvibo Dry Contact Module CM10ZW
Orvibo T10W1ZW-1UO Orvibo Smart Switch - US T10W1ZW-1UO
Philips RDM001 Philips Hue Wall Switch Module RDM001
ROBB ROB_200-035-0 ROBB Switch Module 3680W ROB_200-035-0
RTX ZCB16-2P RTX Circuit Breaker 2x16A Energy Meter ZCB16-2P
Samotech SM308 Samotech AC Switch SM308
Saswell SAS980SWT-7-Z01 Saswell Solenoid Valve and Watering Programmer + Consumption Measurement SAS980SWT-7-Z01
Schneider Electric 545D6514 Schneider Electric LK FUGA Wiser Wireless Double Relay 545D6514
Schneider Electric W50110 Schneider Electric Wiser Micro Module Light Switch W50110
Senic 100119 Senic Gira Friends of Hue Smart Switch 100119
Shawader WSS401 Shawader Touch Switch 3 Gang No Neutral WSS401
Shenzhen Homa HLC614-Z Shenzhen Homa 3 Channels On/Off Controller HLC614-Z
Siglis ZFP-1A-CH Siglis zigfred plus 4x Dimmer Switch ZFP-1A-CH
Siglis ZFU-1D-CH Siglis zigfred uno Wall Switch ZFU-1D-CH
Sonoff BASICZBR3 Sonoff Basic ZBR3 Relay BASICZBR3
Sonoff ZBMINI Sonoff Mini Relay ZBMINI
Sonoff ZBMINI-L Sonoff Mini Relay No Neutral ZBMINI-L
Sonoff ZBMINIL2 Sonoff ZBMINI Extreme No Neutral Relay Module ZBMINIL2
Sunricher SR-ZG2833PAC-C4 Sunricher Push Button Coupler C4 SR-ZG2833PAC-C4
Tongou TO-Q-SY1-ZT Tongou DIN Rail Circuit Breaker 63A TO-Q-SY1-ZT
Tongou TO-Q-SY1-JZT Tongou DIN Rail Circuit Breaker 63A with Power Monitoring TO-Q-SY1-JZT
Tuya TMZ02L Tuya Mini Switch Module 16A No Neutral TMZ02L
Tuya SML-01Z-L Tuya Switch Module 1 Channel No Neutral SML-01Z-L
Tuya SML-02Z Tuya Switch Module 2 Channel SML-02Z
Tuya SML-02Z-L Tuya Switch Module 2 Channel No Neutral SML-02Z-L
Tuya QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-L Tuya Switch Module 2 Gang QS-Zigbee-S04-2C-L
Tuya SML-03Z-L Tuya Switch Module 3 Channel No Neutral SML-03Z-L
Tuya TS0601_switch_3_gang Tuya Touch Switch 3 Gang No Neutral TS0601_switch_3_gang
Tuya DS-112L-3 Tuya Wall Switch (EU) No Neutral 3 Gang DS-112L-3
Ubisys S1-R Ubisys Circuit Breaker S1-R
Ubisys S2-R Ubisys Circuit Breaker S2-R
Ubisys C4 Ubisys Control Unit C4
Ubisys S1 Ubisys Power Switch S1
Ubisys S2 Ubisys Power Switch S2
Ubisys D1 Ubisys Universal Dimmer D1
Ubisys D1-R Ubisys Universal Dimmer DIN Mount D1-R
Vimar 14593/16493/19593/20593 Vimar Connected Actuator 16A 14593/16493/19593/20593
Weelite LS-200Z Weelite 2 Gang Smart Touch Light Switch No Neutral LS-200Z
Weelite LS-300Z Weelite 3 Gang Smart Touch Light Switch No Neutral LS-300Z
Xiaomi LLKZMK11LM Xiaomi Aqara 2 Way Control Module Wireless Relay LLKZMK11LM