This list includes devices that are repeaters. Almost any mains powered device (typically bulbs, plugs and switches) will act as a router as well but they're not listed here.

GiEX QT06 GiEX Irrigation Valve QT06 Tasmota Zigbee2MQTT ioBroker.zigbee
Moes UFO-R11 Moes Universal Infrared Remote Controller UFO-R11 Zigbee2MQTT ioBroker.zigbee
QOTO QT-05M QOTO Solar Bateery Outdoor Water Timer Valve QT-05M Zigbee2MQTT ioBroker.zigbee
Royal Gardineer ZX-7155-919 Royal Gardineer Irrigation Computer with Valve ZX-7155-919 Zigbee2MQTT deCONZ ioBroker.zigbee
RTX ZVG1 RTX Irrigation Valve ZVG1 Zigbee Home Automation for Home Assistant Zigbee2MQTT Zigbee for Domoticz ioBroker.zigbee
Woox R7060 Woox Smart Garden Irrigation Control R7060 Zigbee Home Automation for Home Assistant Tasmota Zigbee2MQTT deCONZ ioBroker.zigbee