Hue Buckram Ddouble Spotlight (Black)
Model 5047230P6 manufactured by Philips
Zigbee ID: 5047230P6
Hue Buckram Ddouble Spotlight (Black)
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If the device is following Zigbee standards it is possible it will work with other gateway solutions, it is just not confirmed as working yet!

Pairing Instructions
Factory resetting a Hue bulb can be accomplished in one of 4 ways:
  1. Touchlink factory reset - See Touchlink article.
  2. Hue bridge - When the bulb is still connected to the Hue bridge, you can simply factory reset the bulb. by removing it from the bridge via the Hue app.
  3. Hue dimmer switch - Factory reset a Hue bulb with Hue dimmer switch Video instructions.
  4. Trådfri remote control - Pressing and holdg the reset button on the bottom of the remote (next to the battery). This may not always work.
After resetting the bulb will automatically connect.

OTA Updates

This device supports OTA updates. For more information see your gateway's software documentation.

To make it work you have to reset the lamp allowing it to connect to your Zigbee device. To reset it, simply press the top and bottom buttons on the remote control at the same time for 30 seconds. The reset is confirmed by the lights flashing and changing color.