Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 4 Button
Model WXCJKG12LM manufactured by Xiaomi
Aqara Opple Wireless Scene Switch 4 Button
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Zigbee ID: "lumi.remote.b486opcn01"
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By default the switch is bound to the coordinator but this device can also be used to directly control other lights and switches in the network.

First you probably want to unbind it from the coordinator first, then you can bind it to any other device or group. (see https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/binding.html )

As the device is sleeping by default, you need to wake it up after sending the bind/unbind command by pressing the reset button once.

When bound to a lamp, the behavior is as follows:

  • left click: turn off
  • right click: turn on
  • left double click: light dim down (by steps of 33%)
  • right double click: light dim up (by steps of 33%)
  • long left click: warm white
  • long right click: cold white
Pairing Instructions
Press and hold the button on the device until the blue light starts blinking, release it and the pairing should begin.

If you're having connection or pairing issues read Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected.